Laura Brightwell, unrepentant feminist and aspiring cliche. 25 years of fairyism.

Given that this is a mini blog for my friends and family (which includes my non-nuclear friends) you probably know a hell of a lot about me. However, I´m going to explain a few things for your enlightenment, such as the title of this blog. I chose the name feminist fairy because it´s kind of an avatar (along with lipstick terrorist) that I´ve been using for, um, a few years. I think the feminist is fairly self-explanatory. It´s a way of asserting my own politics and expressing solidarity and forming a community with other feministas. For me, a feminist does not only believe in ´equality between men and women.´ The feminism that I am dedicated to see larger links between the patriarchal organization of ´our´(loosely defined, Western society) and the wider social inequalities that exist, to name a few, classism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism. Fairy is perhaps a little less obvious. I began to consciously identify as a fairy after reading Gay New York by George Chauncey, who outlines the creation of the (male) queer community in Greenwich village, New York at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Fairy identifies an effeminate man who has sex with other men. However, this memorable moment only pinpoints a general inclination towards the word I have always felt, and very much queerly in the past few years. So as a queer word, it both identifies myself and forms community. It also identifies my own femininity and alternative sexuality. I have appropriated the word for my personal use, and I don´t think this takes away from its male denotation. I have also always inclined towards the fanciful and been a glitter-touting, queer, feminist fairy. Witness the glitter of my teenage years. For those who know me well, feminist fairy will probably seem like an apt name.

For these few months, I will use my blog to communicate my experiences and chat with my friends around the world while I travel in Central and South America.


One Response to “About”

  1. Noonie said


    When are you coming home? I feel like I havn’t seen you for ever. Feel sad that I didn’t see you on your birthday, I always see you on your birthday. Hope you had a lovely christmas xxxxxx

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